Project Description

Eco Engineering Coin (EEC): Decentralized, Crypto Currency for Renewable Energy Development and Ecological Lifestyle.


By creating this coin, we intended to involve project partners in the ecological technology development. Any person who participates in this project will make a contribution in one way or another in ecological development, and practical solutions for a growing ecological problems. It is our responsibility as human beings to preserve our environment.

Main Aim

The main aim of the Eco Engineering Coin is a fundraising for practical realizations of cheap and efficient sustainable projects like: Decentralized households with micro wind, photo voltaic and hydro systems. with simple controlling and efficient energy distribution; without any useless extras which are built-in in commercial systems only with one purpose – more expensive sell.


In our projects we are involving all without any limitation: engineers, programmers, web designers, writers, financial contributors or social media bloggers – everybody can make their contribution.

Our Story

Our Story

This project is started with few engineers and scientists whose main aim is development of the affordable renewable energy technologies that can be used by any person in his or her own household. It is not a profit oriented project – all what we are trying to achieve is a better future for mankind. As Albert Einstein said: “The value of a man, should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”; and it is our responsibility to use our skills and knowledge for a better future.

Our Team

Dr.Ing. Ievgen Shalaginov
Dr.Ing. Ievgen Shalaginov
Founder & CEO
Fedir Shalaginov
Fedir Shalaginov
Technical Director


    Eco Engineering Coin (EEC) is a free open source project that is created by a small group of ecologically oriented enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds. We are considering Blockchain technology as a great possibility for the new technical and scientific development. This blockchain are created by group of people with different technical background, who throw away their carrier at Industry and attempts to make their contribution for the better future.

    EEC is an idealistic movement to support open source projects in the field of scientific development, especially in renewable energy field. Eco Engineering Coin will eventually fund all types of developers including hardware, software developers programmers and any other contributors like writers, designers etc.
It is not only about ecological way of life but about free inventions and development – we will support all people and provide tech. documentation and Information how to develop your own Products how to create your own renewable energy generator, 3D printer/ router / laser machines; and how to install and improve required software and tolls.

    This project is independent from any venture capital firms. Rather, we would release products, tokens and technical instructions that the people could buy as an investment, which will act as the kick-starter fund. The value of EEC will increase as the Eco Engineering movement grows, which in turn will reward the early adopters and participants.

    Eco Engineering Coin can be earned by developing, writing or completing tasks known as bounties, or purchased on various exchanges. We encourage all sorts of developers (scientists, technical designers, electricians, prototype developers etc.) especially in the field of renewable energy. EEC aims to create efficient platform for invention, development and production of the renewable energy systems, and concepts without going to any venture capital firms.

    Main aim is to offering Eco Engineering Coin which will support:
• Eco movements and open source scientific development;
• Research and development in renewable energy production field;
• Free technology development;
• Production of affordable renewable energy generators; like small wind turbines, hydro generators, mobile photovoltaic installation etc.
• Diverse DIY (Do It Yourself) systems for Eco fans;

    Additionally to support the whole concept and keep it alive – 50 % from whole turnover will be invested back (through smart contracts) in Eco Engineering Blockchain. And 90% from our development and research is “open source” and everybody can have  unlimited  access to it.

    Eco Engineering project develops resilient technology and new economic models to support free, large-scale, systematic collaboration. Based on a distributed model, it makes it possible for people to easily deploy and maintain decentralized applications and that rely on spontaneous and voluntary contribution of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people.

    With this movement we would like to encourage creativity in people, and the desire to create something which will make their soul smile, without corruption by commercial and political interests. All the valuable achievements, both material and spiritual, which we receive from society, have been brought to us from countless generations of creative individuals. And an “open source” concept gives us a great freedom for the scientific development and of creative activities. As well it gives us freedom of the spirit which consists in the independence of thoughts from the restrictions of authoritarian and social prejudices. With our mutual efforts and cooperation we can change the world for better.


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